• Helmet.jpgSir Arlong
  • Village Name: Sir Arlong
    Kingdom Name: NeO Indo War
    Stronghold Level: 14
    Highest Win Streak: 34
    Best Battle Streak Honor: 5000
    Best Tournament Score: 136
    Ancients unlocked: 17
    Highest Honor: 5000

Gaming Background: Sir Arlong first made a career out of gaming working in an arcade and has kept the passion close to his heart making it a family hobby by playing playstation games with his son. With the purchase of his tablet he has moved into mobile gaming making a name for himself in Samurai Siege, achieving First Place in an Individual Tournament. He has picked up a handful of other strategy game titles including Hiro Sky, Domination, and Rival Kingdoms.

Sir Arlong takes particular pride in his Kingdom and achieving victory with them in Kingdom Raids. He finds Kingdom Raids fun and engaging with a challenging twist of requiring a player to strategize, adapt, and conquer. Using a variety of ancients to best fit the situation also keeps battles invigorating.

Sir Arlong enjoys the clever blend between single player campaign and multiplayer cooperative battling that Rival Kingdoms is able to provide. Sir Arlong enjoys experiencing the big community effort he has witnessed in watching the game change and grow based off of feedback from players like himself.