• snarky.jpgSir Mulligan
  • Village Name: Sir Mulligan
    Kingdom Name: First Legion
    Stronghold Level: 12
    Highest Win Streak: 14
    Best Battle Streak Honor: 143
    Best Tournament Score: ?
    Ancients unlocked: 18
    Highest Honor: 5064

Gaming Background: Sir Mulligan’s gaming prowess begins in his childhood with his first Atari home console. As of late his interests have expanded to mobile strategy games when his brother showed him Samurai Siege. Sir Mulligan currently plays Samurai Siege, Boom Beach, Clash of Clans, and Rival Kingdoms.

Sir Mulligan finds Rival Kingdoms gives him the ability to put up big scores and decimate his opponents but at a more relaxed pace than similar games allowing for an overall more enjoyable game play. Additionally, the variety of ancients with their numerous abilities can make every battle unique and give you multiple ways of approaching an opponent.

Rival Kingdoms provides Sir Mulligan with an enjoyable way to keep up with the friends inside and outside of his Kingdom, through Kingdom Raid and Global Chat. Additionally, Sir Mulligan enjoys chatting and strategizing with his Kingdom via Line Chats.