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  • Village Name: Sword9.5
    Kingdom Name: NAME
    Stronghold Level: AMOUNT
    Highest Win Streak: AMOUNT
    Best Battle Streak Honor: AMOUNT
    Best Tournament Score: AMOUNT
    Ancients unlocked: AMOUNT
    Highest Honor: AMOUNT

Gaming Background: Sword’s gaming experience revolves entirely around mobile games. When he was first given an iPad his world view opened up to the plethora of games at his fingertips. Samurai Siege caught his eye by it’s high rating and he stuck with it because of its animations and enjoyable gameplay. Then Sword discovered Rival Kingdoms and never knew what he was missing in terms of graphics, animations, and gameplay which hooked him to the game.

Positive Aspects of RK: Sword feels Rival Kingdoms hit the nail on the head with the vast social interactions within the game. Being able to chat up your Kingdom as well as the Kingdom you’re raiding against brings good fun and sportsmanship to all Kingdoms of Estara. Sword values that Kingdoms also honor teamwork through loyalty for donations and contributions which makes helping your Kingdom a rewarding experience.

Overall Sentiment of RK: Sword describes his overall experience in Rival Kingdoms as “fun” due to his ability to build his village, build his kingdom, and lead his team to victory. The community involvement and player respect in Rival Kingdoms runs very high which is important to Sword as respect is something he carries with him across battles and Kingdom Raids as well.