• .jpgTreetrimmer
  • Village Name: Treetrimmer
    Kingdom Name: NAME
    Stronghold Level: AMOUNT
    Highest Win Streak: AMOUNT
    Best Battle Streak Honor: AMOUNT
    Best Tournament Score: AMOUNT
    Ancients unlocked: AMOUNT
    Highest Honor: AMOUNT

Gaming Background: While Treetrimmer began gaming on Console platforms, he found mobile gaming to meet his needs throughout his travels. Treetrimmer has several high ranking accounts across strategy games such as Samurai Siege, Clash of Clans, and Rival Kingdoms.

Rival Kingdoms provides a fun facelift to the mobile strategy game genre with Ancients and particularly Dragons that spice up combat. Being able to battle in such a tight knit community with many deep bonds makes playing a really friendly and enjoyable experience.

Treetrimmer find Rival Kingdoms “enjoyable” because it keeps him fully occupied while maintaining a relaxed pace. Treetrimmer especially enjoys the ability to play with Dragons which allow him to tactically take out strongholds and other key objectives.