Leagues Overview

Kingdom Leagues allow kingdoms of similar strength and size to compete with each other in a series of kingdom raids (wars). Only kings and lords can enter the kingdom into a Kingdom League. Team raids will start once six kingdoms of similar strength are matched (with the exception of melee league, which only requires 2 kingdoms to start) The league will run for 5 days. Each day a kingdom will face a different rival in a 24 hour raid. The goal is to win as many of these raids as possible and to accumulate the most total raid points. There are altogether 5 kingdom leagues, melee (lowest), sword, arrow, axe, and claymore (highest). At the end of the 5 day war, if teams have the same number of wins, the winning order will be determined by the highest number of points accumulated over the 5 days.

League Requirements

To take part in a Kingdom League and the daily Kingdom Raids, your Kingdom will need the following #members:

League Required Members Kingdoms War Duration
Melee 5 Members 2 1 Day
Sword 10 Members 6 5 Days
Arrow 15 Members 6 5 Days
Axe 20 Members 6 5 Days
Claymore 20 Members 6 5 Days
Hammer 20 Members 6 5 Days

League Rewards

Rewards and Kingdom League Promotion and Demotion Details are below.

Reward Melee Sword Arrow Axe Claymore Hammer
1st 12,000 Gold 90,000 Gold 1200 Rings 2000 Rings 3600 Rings 7000 Rings
2nd 60,000 Gold 900 Rings 1750 Rings 2900 Rings 5500 Rings
3rd 30,000 Gold 800 Rings 1500 Rings 2550 Rings 4500 Rings
4th 700 Rings 1300 Rings 2250 Rings 4000 Rings
5th 600 Rings 1200 Rings 2000 Rings 3600 Rings
6th 500 Rings 1100 Rings 1900 Rings 3400 Rings

Please note: Only those players who were part of the respective kingdom from the time the Kingdom Raid was declared until the cooldown after the raid has concluded are eligible to get the ring reward.

League Promotions

When you win or lose a Kingdom League, you may move to a higher or lower league, depending on your standings.

Melee Sword Arrow Axe Claymore Hammer
1st Promote Promote Promote Promote Promote Same
2nd Same Promote Promote Promote Promote Same
3rd Same Promote Promote Same Same Same
4th Same Promote Same Same Same Same
5th Same Demote Same Demote Demote Demote
6th Demote Demote Demote Demote Demote Demote

Join a Kingdom Raid

A kingdom raid will start at the scheduled time between two rival kingdoms. When a kingdom raid begins, a button labelled “Kingdom Raid” will appear on the bottom of your home screen. A timer showing the raid duration is also displayed on this button. Once the raid day finishes, you will no longer see this button until the next day starts.


Tapping on the “Kingdom Raid” button will take you to the “Kingdom League” screen, and you can join the raid from there.

There are three different ways to join a kingdom raid:

  • Tapping on the “Battle” button at the Kingdom League Standings page.
  • Tapping on the “Kingdom Raid” button that appears on the “Map”
  • Tapping on the “crossed swords icon” button at the Kingdom screen.

If you join a kingdom during a raid, you will not be able to participate in the raid. You will also not be able to receive the Loyalty Point reward from winning the raid day, or the gold/ring reward at the end of the entire League.

Participating in Kingdom Raid

The goal of the Kingdom Raid is to gain as many raid points as possible throughout the 24 hour period. You can gain raid points by destroying the opponent's Stronghold on the raid map. Attacking in a Kingdom Raid does not utilise battle stones from your account.
To start a battle, simply tap on the base shown on the map. It will open up a quick base popup looking like this:


Raid points: This is the first base of the raid, defeat this base you will win 5 Raid Points.
Scout: This will let you view the base’s layout prior to attacks.
View Replay: This will show a replay of the previous successful attacks on the base.
Battle: This will take you to the battle screen.

The bases must be defeated in order, from base 1 to base 10.


Morale: You will have 5 “Morale” (lives) to try and defeat as many bases as you can. If you lose a battle, you will lose 1 “Morale” point. Once you have lost all 5 points you will no longer be able to attack any bases during the raid day. Once you have defeated a base, you will be able to progress onto the next base. The defeated base will show up on the raid line up as “Defeated”.


Morale is also displayed as a coloured bar in the raid line up. The green bar denotes 4-5 morale points left. Yellow denotes 2-3, and red means only 1 morale point left. Also in this screenshot is the online/offline status of the player, as a red/green/orange dot on top of the portrait (red is offline, green is online, orange is online but idle).


  • Use the “View Replay” button to watch one of the previous successful attacks on the base before you battle.
  • If you are the first person attacking the base, use the “Scout” button to view the base layout and plan for the attack.
  • For difficult bases, you can always utilise troop donations from your kingdom or use Battle Boosts.
  • A raid is “finished” once you’re out of “Morale”, or the King of the rival kingdom has been defeated. Always try to finish the raid before the “timer” runs out!

Raid points

Raid Points are earned by defeating enemy bases on the Kingdom Raid map. There are a total of 10 rival bases to be attacked (unless the rival kingdom has less than 10 members).

The bases are worth the following amount of Loyalty Points and Raid Points:

Base Points
1 5
2 10
3 15
4 20
5 25
6 30
7 35
8 40
9 45
10 150


King Slayer: The last base on the raid map carries a total of 150 points. Defeating the king will pop this screen and you will gain the maximum raid points possible for the raid (375 points). The Kingdom with the highest number of Raid Points at the end of a raid is the winner.
Note: When the King falls, a notification will also show up in the raid chat. It will read like this “Mr Smith defeated Mr Jones of Jones’ United”


Morale is also displayed as a coloured bar here under each participant (the length of the bar indicates the amount of the morale points left).
Raid points of each contestant are shown here and the total of the raid points per kingdom is displayed on top of the raid map.
Note: The larger kingdom has members whose raid points did not count; their names are greyed out. This is due to the kingdom on the right are smaller in size.


  • If a member leaves the kingdom during a raid, that player's raid points will be deducted from the kingdom's total.
  • If both kingdoms tie in raid points, the kingdom that achieved the point total first will be the winner.

Finishing a Kingdom Raid

Once a kingdom raid has ended members of the winning team who were present for the entire duration of the raid will be rewarded with 500 loyalty points. The raid results will be displayed at the end of the raid.


Continue: This will take you to the reward screen.
View results: This will show the raid point breakdown table, where each participant’s contributions will be displayed (See Raid Points Section).


OK: This will take collect the 500 loyalty points from the raid.
Note: If you have joined the kingdom during a raid, you will not be able to participate in the raid. In addition, you will not be able to receive the reward either.

Kingdom League Standings and Schedule

With the exception of Melee League, which is 1 day, all other kingdom leagues is a 5 day long event, during which the league standings of each kingdom is shown on the “Kingdom League” page.


Standings: This shows all kingdoms’ ranking/performance in the league. Ranks are determined first by the number of “Wins”. If two kingdoms tie by number of wins then whichever kingdom has gained more raid points will rank higher.
Reward: The reward (rings) and the new league position of each ranking are also shown here (i.e. Rank 6 will be demoted to Sword League).
Schedule: This shows the scheduled raid matches in the upcoming days.


Complete: This is the match that has finished and the total raid points by each team.

Kingdom Raid Line-up

Most of the bases for the raid map are randomly selected by the game, with the exception of these three roles, Squires, Sentinels, and King.


Squire: These will never show up on the raid line-up, but can still put in raid points. These roles are best assigned to lower level team members.
King: It will always be the last base on the raid map. Having a strong king is key to deterring your rival from gaining the maximum raid points. Once the king falls, maximum points for the raid are gained.
Sentinels: These bases will always be placed on the raid line-up. The position they are placed in will depend on the bases total defensive strength.
Other roles: For remaining players, they are ordered by difficulty, (depending on the bases total defensive strength), and then split into 3 groups: easy, medium and hard. The first 30% of the order list as being easy, next 30% medium and remaining are hard. The remaining spots in the line-up will be equally divided between the easy picks from the easy, and hard splits.


  • There is a 30 minute window/cool down between each raid. As a leader of a kingdom, this period can be used to reassign roles or even remove non-participating members.
  • Donating to “Watchtower” project will increase the health bonus of your sentinels and making them a stronger defender.
  • Donating to “Squire Training” and “Gatehouse” projects will open up more spots for the Squire & Sentinel. Both are strategic role placements to prevent your opponent from gaining “easy” raid points.

Kingdom Perks

To give everyone some incentive to fund the Kingdom Projects we are adding some benefits to everyone in the Kingdom.

Upgrade Role Role Bonus Other Kingdom Members
Watchtower 0 Sentinel 10% Health Nothing
Watchtower 1 Sentinel 15% Health 1.5% Health
Watchtower 2 Sentinel 20% Health 2% Health
Watchtower 3 Sentinel 25% Health 2.5% Health
Watchtower 4 Sentinel 30% Health 3% Health
Gatehouse 0 Sentinel 1 Sentinel Nothing
Gatehouse 1 Sentinel 2 Sentinel 2% Health
Gatehouse 2 Sentinel 3 Sentinel 2.5% Health
Gatehouse 3 Sentinel 4 Sentinel 3% Health

Kingdoms Overview

Kingdoms page

Eligibility to Participate in Leagues

Melee League

  • Must have 5 members (including squires) to declare a Kingdom League
  • Must have 5 members (including squires) at the start of each raid (each day), or else your Kingdom forfeits that raid

Sword League

  • Must have 10 members (including squires) to declare a Kingdom League
  • Must have 10 members (including squires) at the start of each raid (each day), or else your Kingdom forfeits that raid

Arrow League

  • Must have 15 members (including squires) to declare a Kingdom League
  • Must have 15 members (including squires) at the start of each raid (each day), or else your Kingdom forfeits that raid

Axe, Claymore, and Hammer Leagues

  • Must have 20 members (including squires) to declare a Kingdom League
  • Must have 20 members (including squires) at the start of each raid (each day), or else your Kingdom forfeits that raid

Qualifying for End of League Rewards (Gold or Rings)

All kingdom members wishing to qualify for end of league rewards must be in the kingdom for the entire duration of the league, from the time that the league is declared (searching for a opponents) to the time that rewards are distributed. Any player who joins the kingdom after raid matchmaking has begun, or leaves the kingdom for any amount of time after the league has begun will be ineligible receive end of league rewards including Gold or Rings.

Members who join the kingdom after the search for kingdom league opponents has begun will not receive end of league rewards, but may participate in daily kingdom raids in order to help their kingdom win. For participating in the raid you will still receive daily loyalty rewards.

The minimum number of members must be in the Kingdom at the time the Kingdom “declares” to enter the league, and this minimum must be maintained or daily raids will automatically be forfeit.