In Rival Kingdoms, there are different types of quests that can be completed in game. These are divided into following groups:

Available: All quests that have not been completed and available for progression.
Completed: All the quests that have been completed.
Timed: These quests must be completed and claimed before the timer expires.
Achievements: Difficult to complete quest that will show up on your Game Centre profile.
Campaigns: These are battle node style quests.

Upon completion of a quest, a small reward is given. The main quest hub can be accessed via a banner on top of your home screen.

Simple Quests

As a new player, you first discover the quest hub as part of the beginner tutorial. The following guide quests triggers during part of your tutorial:

  • Fight for Gold! - Fight another opponent on Battle Map
  • Keeping Up I - Upgrade your Stronghold to Level 2

As you complete these quests, you will notice two buttons “Show Me” and “Claim”. Tapping on the “Show Me” button will trigger a Large Golden Arrow in your home screen showing you the next step required to complete the quest. When a quest is complete this “Show Me” button becomes the “Claim” button. Tapping on the “Claim” button will claim the quest reward and move the quest to the “Completed” tab. If this is a difficult to complete quest, you will also have this added to your “Achievement” tab.

Some quests have your progress (current status) information displayed under the name of the quest. Most of the quests that require you to accumulate a certain amount of something will have this information displayed. For example:

  • Bastion - Win 125 battles on defence. 100/125.
  • Lucky Gold - Obtain 2,000,000 gold from chests. 500,000/2,000,000

Some quests have prerequisites to show up. Typically this is because they are a more advanced version of the previous quest. For example:

Keeping Up II - Upgrade your Stronghold to Level 3
Keeping Up III - Upgrade your Stronghold to Level 4
Simple Honour - Obtain 500 honour points
Easy Honour - Obtain 1000 honour points

On your completion list these are all separated out into individual quests rather than consolidated to create a more impressive looking collection.

Quest rewards

Most of the quest rewards are a mixture of gold, rings, and diamonds (premium currencies). Gold/ring reward values are roughly proportional to the stronghold levels you are most likely to be when the quest is completed. It provides enough incentive for you to start the quest.
Do note that gold claimed from quests will go directly to your storage, not your inventory, so make sure you can hold it all before claiming!

Most of the recurrent quests give a tiny amount of premium currency.
Rewards such as specific ancients were only available from battle node (campaign) quests. At global launch on May 07th, two additional Ancients were also added upon the completion of daily quests.


  • Diamond rewards from repeatable quests could be saved up to either purchase “Builders” or skip cooldowns when needed.
  • Gold reward can be claimed and spent when your stronghold is being shielded from attacks to prevent minimal loss.

Campaign Quests

Campaign quests are battle node quests. It provides a fixed set of bases (nodes) for you to fight against. Upon the completion of a node, a small reward of gold is given and you will be progress onto the next node. The objective of the campaign is to progress through all the bases and complete the entire chain. Upon completion of the campaign, you will be rewarded with an Ancient. There are currently two such campaign quests built into the game:

  • Tracking Foreveil - With Foreveil as the end Ancient Reward
  • Trickster’s Wake - With Erasmus as the end Ancient Reward
  • Arbos' Secret - SH6 required as well as having unlocked Foreveil. Ability to build Alchemy Workshop upon completion.


  • Campaign quests are accessed via the main world Map.
  • Level up your troops and stronghold as they are essential for successful completion of these quests.
  • It is strongly recommended you complete these quests, as there is no other way to obtain a campaign reward ancient.

Timed Quests

  • Timed quests as the name suggests requires you to complete certain tasks within a set time frame. You must complete and claim these rewards before the timer expires. These quests do change each week.

Daily Quests

  • Daily quests as the name suggests requires daily actions. At global launch on May 07, a series of daily rewards are given to players who log into the game on a daily basis. Upon each successful login, the daily reward splash screen is triggered prompting you to collect your reward. Once the reward has been collected, there is a 22 hour cooldown (displayed as a timer) before you can collect your next day’s reward.

Daily reward list can also be accessed via “Menu’ from your homescreen. The rewards structure shows a fixed amount of gold & primus that’s up for collection spread across 6 of the 7 days. On every 7th day, there’s a special reward. Below is a list of rewards for the first 28 days.

  • Day 1 = 400 Diamond
  • Day 2-6 = 500 Gold
  • Day 7 = Lyris (The superior Lightning Ancient)
  • Day 8-13 = 2000 Gold
  • Day 14 = 50 Diamond
  • Day15 - 20 = 150 Pure Primus
  • Day 21 = 100 Diamond
  • Day 22 - 27 = 300 Pure Primus
  • Day 28 = Tokemi (The Death Ancient)


  • Rewards are not the same across all Stronghold levels.
  • You cannot reset or skip days. Every day login is required to progress onto the next day.
  • Tokemi is only available via daily rewards.
First Daily Rewards Calendar includes Diamonds, Primus, Gold, Ancient "Lyris" on Day 7, and the exclusive Ancient "Tokemi" on Day 28.
Subsequent Daily Rewards Calendar includes Diamonds, Primus, Gold, Rare Boost Chests, and a Rare Ancient Chest on Day 28.